Department of Pharmaceutics The Institute has three undergraduate Pharmaceutics Laboratories namely Pharmaceutics LaboratoryI (Industrial Pharmacy Lab), Pharmaceutics Laboratory II and Pharmaceutics Laboratory III (Physical Pharmacy Lab) and Pharmaceutics Lab for M.Pharm. The Labs are well equipped with equipments, Glasswares and chemicals to carry out the necessary experimentation work as prescribed in the syllabus of B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. .

Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory • Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory Separate balance room is provided with each laboratory. These Laboratories help in acclimatizing the student with the chemistry aspect of the Pharmacy profession which helps them in their carrier as an analytical chemist, Research and Development and in Post graduate studies. .

Career Opportunities –
• Consultant Pharmacists
• Clinical Pharmacist
• Dispensary Manager
• Dispensary Pharmacist
• Community Pharmacist
• Hospital Pharmacist
• Medicines Safety Manager
• Medicines Management Technician
• Pharmacy Assistant
• Senior Clinical Pharmacist